A few words about us

Innovative and innovative solutions. We comply with pleasure engaged in industrial automation in the broadest sense of the word. Whether it is a small machine controller, developing a concept or complete outsourcing of a large project. The base has been and continues to ensure that the customer gets the best for their application. By pursuing this goal, we are constantly looking for new techniques and tools to our customers to provide the best that is available for their use.

For the manufacture of the panels and installation we provide elaborated material frames in detail including all the necessary indications such as brand, quality, test specifications, etc., as well as I / 0-frames provided with all the specifications for the programming complete with programming and in decommissioning. After startup and / or commissioning of the machine all the documentation and the revision data processed in a specific service manual. Our engineers are pragmatic, team player, flexible and creative. They are familiar with various drawing programs and make use of the latest developments in software and hardware area. Moreover, they have the necessary experience, and more than once an innovative method or specific solution is developed. We can also transfer existing electrical drawings to CAD. Or the final installations are simple or very complex, the ultimate success of automation is determined by a thorough analysis and thoughtful design, in which the usability and security are very important elements.

Technical "design"

In the field of process automation and production control systems, we provide clear and thoughtful control panels complete with design and installation. Our control panels are designed and constructed on the basis of the specifications of the customer. The customer hereby has the choice to make use of our usual brand, which is very specific knowledge or, if desired, use the marks which are used as standard with the customer so that no new spare parts are formed. For efficiency, we build these panels independently. This has the advantage that the construction of the panels is parallel with the development of the control software which we direct the functionality and "performance" of the panels to test them against practice. All our food distributors and process control cabinets are built according to the Low Voltage and EMC directives and comply with the CE standard. Obviously we save with this efficient way of working a lot of time and money.

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